All aspects of audio gear resemble discussions about music. There are objective rules creating a complicated formal structure, but on the other hand deep subjectivity plays a key role.

Finestra creates space for both these realities. Individual preferences find breathing place here and are always given a voice. Calculations and measurements are a starting point for every project.

We develop two independent directions – a serial model offer and custom-made set- ups created in cooperation with the future buyer. Independence of both of these directions is key. Even though a custom model can stem from the on-offer one, the mutually attained solutions do not have to find their way to serial models. Individuality is valued as well as protected by us.

The hereby presented columns most of all show our definition of musicality. Every one was created so that the potential of its components was 100% made use of. The choice of components was to eliminate the effect of a weak link. The intonation process took into account the distance and altitude of where one listens to music from. The effect is a music scene with a perfect placement of sound sources as well as the feeling of true dynamic.

Our approach to creating columns also encompasses hierarchy. The idea of the shortest path is according to us better than using jumpers giving an option to independently adjust the sound character. We’re instead offering the possibility to adjust columns in their final dwelling. Putting away obsolete components, we’d not use grills or potentiometers, but rather focus on component choice for the crossover which affect the sound. A 1, 2 or 3-wiring system for terminals and crossovers is also possible.

  • We approach every project with the same passion
  • You can configure every column freely
  • You can give the price range for the crossover
  • Every column is hand-made

  • Your columns can be unique
  • You have a say with columns’ intonation
  • We’re giving you the uniqueness guarantee for the joint project
  • We’re offering adjusting columns on the spot