Let’s create a joint project

We value individualism. Conscious listening to music, apart from the repertoire itself, encapsulates the need to create proper conditions that answer our own expectations. They’re always defined individually, as they are shaped by our own lives. Just like music should not be divided into good or bad, audio system preferences should only remain a matter of taste. This deep need for arbitrariness means that the widely defined AUDIO includes no objective absolutes, with component makers trying to meet audiophiles’ needs while trying to draw up their own definitions of sound. This is why you may sometimes hear that this a lot cheaper gear sounded a lot better to me.

The acoustics of the target space is also a key issue when choosing columns. The phenomenon of better listening experience in a shop before the purchase is widely known. It does not stem only from acoustics, but also from listening over time. Not always does one hear the weaker sides of given columns at once.

Our hearing also belongs to the variables making the choice of columns a tough one. Hearing depends on, among others, our innate capabilities, the type of work we do, our age. Most importantly, it changes over time.

Every column on the market is a custom product of a given company.

Because everyone follows his or her own path in the world of audio, we’re giving you a say in creating custom columns for the future owner. The very choice of a high-tone speaker gives the project a strong direction. Issues are manifold, the signal in the column follows quite a long and complicated road. From the terminals, via cable-work and crossovers to the speaker – these are the places that have the key impact on the column’s intonation. Some tiny changes may also prove necessary when the columns land at their target address.

It’s an offer for people with defined needs. Every stage of creating a column set-up is consulted with its owner. Starting from choosing the speakers, initial assumptions regarding crossovers and cable-work, via creating characteristics to measurements at the final destination.
Every column casing made by us can be equipped with speakers of one’s choice. Of course, a specific speaker can be the only change. We want to provide everyone with such a need with the possibility to shape columns freely.
We’re also offering support in audio system changes in the future.
The timeline depends on a given project.