Home Theater

The "Home Theater" series is not only meant for what the name stands for. This bass column will make good as a classic subwoofer, but also as high-quality support for a low-tone range. Achieving proper bass and controlling it from a standard subwoofer is very hard. That’s why we approached this challenge as we would a construction of a stereo column casing – this is, in fact, its bass part.

Subwoofer in stereo?

Reference Seas speakers, fully discrete and front-directed vented bass-reflex. The attained control over lower range allows the column to power any stereo set-up suffering from not enough bass. The speakers used direct the project more into the stereo idea – the home theater set-up uses bass with high membrane tilt.

The column may be active or passive.


Active subwoofer, bass-reflex.
Seas Excel W22EX001.
Nominal/Music power:
150/200 watts
Crossover frequency:
55-200 Hz
770x285x350mm (height - width - depth)
29 kg.
Special Features:
Cover wall’s depth 23-45mm. Active or passive construction. Individual cut-off point possible in passive version.