Finestra No.7.0

No.7.0 columns serve as an example that cheaper speakers can yield very good results when the same rules as in reference set-ups are applied. The frequent downside to cheaper set-ups is that the construction of the casing and the crossover leave much to wish for. Cable-work, terminals or crossover components tend to be unworthy of the speakers they come with.
For us, every project is a separate being that we approach individually, but with the same passion.

Every column should sound 100% of what it can.

This set-up uses speakers with an aluminium membrane. Branching filters use resonance traps, without which correct tuning with metal membranes would prove unattainable.
The two-chamber casing includes proper thickening in the mid-tone speaker space, preventing resonance. Inner compartment slants shield from reflected waves.
The sound is clear and dynamic, full of detail without artificial flashiness.


3-Way. Bass-reflex.
Tweeter - 25mm, aluminium.
Mid-Range - 180mm, aluminium.
Woofer - 180mm, aluminium.
6 ohm
Frequency Response:
20 - 40 000Hz
Crossover Frequency:
250 / 2 800 Hz
88 db
1025x240x380mm (height - width - depth)
34 kg/szt
Special Features:
Cover wall’s depth 19-37mm. Finished with natural, colored veneer.