Finestra No.2.0

Seeking neutrality in constructing columns is like walking on thin ice. It’s very easy to cross the line of flashiness, which gives only the illusion of dynamics and detail. On the other hand, too much restraint will limit the speakers’ potential. Creating a column fit to convey the wealth of detail in a non-imposing way is always a challenge. What’s needed is the balance stemming from the choice of transducers. The casing has to be a constructive follow-up to this choice, just as intonation itself.

Harmony Balance Proportions

The attained synergy is a fully integrated transfer in the mid-to-high tone range. Uniformity in this range is fundamental for a thorough and reliable conveyance of music. It shows the real instrument landscape as well as the full palette of colors of the human voice. Vocals are one of the strongest sides of this project.

Reaching neutrality has been a priority ever since we picked the speakers. Hence the choice of tweeter Seas model T25CF002. The high-tone speaker is responsible not only for the direction of the tone or the sound’s lucidity – its role is also to sketch the totality of the sound sphere and the instrument placement. T25CF002 means balance, dynamics, and space under the reign of neutrality.


3-Way. Bass-reflex x2.
Tweeter - Seas Excel T25CF002
Mid-Range - Seas Excel W18E001
Woofer - Seas Excel W26FX001
8 ohm
Frequency Response:
26 - 30 000Hz
Crossover Frequency:
250 / 2 200 Hz
89 dB
1220x370x480mm (height - width - depth)
96 kg/szt
Special Features:
Cover wall’s depth 29-59mm. Both bass speakers in separate chambers.